Focus Areas

Shaping a more equitable web that is open to all relies on prioritizing systems and ideals to work together to advance our collective society. The following are areas in which we are prioritizing our influence.

Financial Inclusion

Financial inclusion means that any individual has equal access to the same financial services and products that allow them to participate in making and receiving payments. This allows more people the opportunity to generate income, to save money, and to participate in their local economy. We are building equitable pathways to financial access, fueling inclusive growth across the world.

Open Payments

We are creating a single open global payment network that connects everyone. Interledger provides an open, frictionless, and currency-agnostic method for transferring very small amounts of money, typically referred to as micropayments. This open network allows anyone to transfer money across currencies and ledgers, resulting in the potential rebalancing of our global payment systems.

Web Monetization

Web Monetization is a way of streaming small payments (micropayments) to creators for the content you read, watch, listen, and stream online. Web Monetization is an alternative revenue model for the Web, allowing creators to earn revenue from users without requiring subscriptions, third-party platforms, or reliance on advertising. All of this enables a faster, cleaner, and less invasive browsing experience.


We can make economic interaction as easy as information exchange.

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