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Cinnamon – Spicing Up Video Creation, Sharing and Monetizing

Cinnamon is a new video platform and a tool that enables creators to produce, remix, share, monetize and distribute video across platforms, without ads.

Innovation in Web Monetized Video 

Cinnamon, now in beta, is a new video platform and a tool that enables creators to produce, remix, share, monetize and distribute video across platforms, without ads. Cinnamon uses Coil, a Web Monetization provider leveraging Interledger, to make micropayments to content creators. It also helps artists develop engaging and easily shareable content in a very open community-driven environment. On the Cinnamon platform, viewers will find videos from some of the world's most imaginative and innovative creators.

Cinnamon offers a unique and intuitive experience. The platform needs no instruction manual; the user experience seamlessly flows from one step to the next. Cinnamon is not positioned as a competitor to existing services, as it offers a different monetization model for creators. However, viewed at a high level, it provides end-users with functionality similar to what's on YouTube, Vimeo and others.

Founded in 2019, the company is incorporated in Delaware and based in Prague, in the Czech Republic.

Inventing A Better Way To Treat Video Creators

Cinnamon's founder Róbert Tarabčák felt that the way creators were treated had to change. Too much content was being simply given away, while existing means of monetization were cumbersome and not favorable to either creators or viewers – think unsightly ads and access-blocking subscriptions.

With the launch of Coil, which enables micropayments to websites, Tarabčák saw new and exciting use cases for Interledger, an open protocol suite for sending payments across different ledgers. The Interledger protocol functions as a gateway to connect those who send money with those who receive money, and it creates a financial route that is both quicker and cheaper than alternatives.

Tarabčák understood Coil as providing a revolutionary form of monetization. He realized that one of the apps Coil could serve would be a video-streaming service that solved some of the problems that creators run into with existing services – and monetization via Interledger could be the solution they’ve been waiting for. And from that striking idea, Cinnamon was born.

Interoperability Enabling Access

Interledger is an open protocol suite for sending payments across different ledgers. Like the internet, connectors route packets of money across independent networks. Interledger's open architecture and minimal protocol enable interoperability for any value transfer system. Interledger is not tied to a single company, blockchain or currency; Cinnamon uses it because it eliminates any central authority.

Better Web Monetization

Web Monetization is a key aspect of Cinnamon, and it's enabled by integrating with Coil, which is based on Interledger. Other micropayments models have been tried before, but with mixed results.

One of the things that makes Coil different is the fact that it’s based on the open Interledger protocol. Coil allows micropayments to be sent to creators on Cinnamon for every second of their content being viewed, while viewers watch videos on Cinnamon (and consume Web Monetized content elsewhere) totally ad-free.

"Think about having a card you scan when you use public transport. Every month you pay $5 and you gain unlimited access to buses, trams, ferries, subways and more. Coil is the public transport card of the internet. As more and more websites and applications proceed to use Coil, you keep gaining more and more access to exclusive content,” said Tarabčák. “We’re excited to see Cinnamon blossom into a growing source for some of the most dynamic, engaging and diverse video content on the web, and we’re proud to be able to compensate our creators using Interledger and Coil technology."

Just as in real life, when people pay someone for goods and services in cash, there is a wallet (or pocket) where someone's money is stored. To receive financial rewards from Cinnamon viewers, content creators will need to set up an e-wallet. Coil currently uses Uphold and GateHub.

How to Enjoy a Taste of Cinnamon

Due to the new form of content monetization, Cinnamon operates under a different model, compared to other video-sharing platforms. To start using Cinnamon as a viewer:

  1. Set up a Coil Account
  2. Sign in to Cinnamon with Coil
  3. Kick back, relax and enjoy the show!

With Cinnamon, you will be able to view exclusive content created with the latest monetization and human interaction technologies, allowing content creators to up their game for your enjoyment.

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