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Our Mission

The Interledger Foundation is a non-profit advocate for the web, promoting innovation, creativity, and inclusion by advancing open payment standards and technologies that seamlessly connect our global society.

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We Believe

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Monetary interaction should be as easy as information exchange.

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Humans should be able to transfer their money with each other without any barriers or friction.

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The unbanked and underbanked should have equitable access.

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Content creators and digital innovators should be fairly compensated.

All of the work we do is to connect and benefit each and every human, regardless of identity, geography, or income.

In short, we believe connecting all currencies is connecting all of humanity.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We are committed to building fair and equitable pathways to financial access. And all of the work we do is to connect and benefit each and every human, regardless of identity, geography, or income.

Financial exclusion and scarcity have often been a tool for oppression, discrimination, and systemic inequity. The Interledger Foundation is committed to building financial systems to include voices that have been traditionally excluded. Our extraordinarily ambitious goal is to decentralize power, privilege, and financial control.

Our People

Briana Marbury headshot

Briana Marbury

President & CEO

Alex Lakatos headshot

Alex Lakatos


Catherine Fukushima headshot

Catherine Fukushima

Sr. Director Philanthropy & Partnerships

Chris Lawrence headshot

Chris Lawrence

Head of Programs

Erika Drushka headshot

Erika Drushka

Head of Operations

Ginny Barahona headshot

Ginny Barahona

Director of Strategy

Amber Marie headshot

Amber Marie

HR Manager

Anna Sheard headshot

Anna Sheard

Communications Manager

Ayesha Ware headshot

Ayesha Ware

Awardee Support

Blair Currey headshot

Blair Currey

Software Developer

Dena Mitchell headshot

Dena Mitchell

Executive Assistant

Erika Keresztes headshot

Erika Keresztes

Executive Assistant

Hui Jing Chen headshot

Hui Jing Chen

Developer Experience Engineer

Julaire Hall headshot

Julaire Hall

Programs Outreach Manager

Lawil Karama headshot

Lawil Karama

Program Officer

Max Kurapov headshot

Max Kurapov

Software Developer

Mey Pharn headshot

Mey Pharn

Events Manager

Mohammed Islam headshot

Mohammed Islam

Junior Technical Writer

Sabine Schaller headshot

Sabine Schaller

Engineering Lead

Vineel Reddy Pindi headshot

Vineel Reddy Pindi

Community Manager

Board of Directors

Stefan Thomas

Chairperson of the Interledger Foundation, Founder and CEO of Coil, and Co-Creator of the Interledger Protocol

Chris Larsen

Chairperson of Ripple

Konstantin (Kosta) Peric

Deputy Director of Financial Services for the Poor, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Maha Bahou

CEO of Jordan Payments and Clearing Company (JoPACC)

Evan Schwartz

Co-Creator of the Interledger Protocol

Briana Marbury

President & CEO

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Join us in building a universal payment network that puts humanity first.

Two women using a laptop

We’re always eager to hear from prospective candidates who share our ambition and vision for the future.

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